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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  January 16, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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tonight at 9:00, the f.a.a. grounds the brand new boeing 787 because of safety concerns. what needs to be done before the agency allows the dreamliner to fly again. every single thing about this is -- >> a heart warming football story turns out to be fiction. the story of a fake dead girlfriend. plus. by all endcation indicatio- >> americans among the hostages captured in algeria. what we know with the ring leader in an apparent case of retribution. mavericks is on ♪ ♪ if loving you is wrong, i don't wanna be right ♪ [ abrupt record scratch, music stops ] what!? it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, 100% whole grain oats...
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the f.a.a. suddenly announces it is grounding the dreamliner. the new 787 has run into trouble. six of the planes are flying for united airlines. good evening. i'm dan ashley. this is obviously a big blow to boeing. the f.a.a. says united cannot fly the planes effective immediately. the latest scare after a flight from western japan to tokyo was forced to make an emergency landing when someone smelled smoke in the cockpit in the cab bin. the emergency landing convinced two japanese airlines to ground all of their boeing 787s and because of that some bay area travelers faced confusion today trying to fly to asia. amy holyfield has more from san jose international. >> passengers hoping to climb aboard the new dreamliner in san jose instead were told the
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flights have been grounded. the ana airlines spent time with each traveler getting them booked on other flights out of other airports including sfo. they also provided shuttles to the new flights and hotel rooms if it necessary. >> actually we don't know what happened but as long as the problem is solved it is fine. >> japan airlines and ana decided to ground the new 787s known as the dreamliner hes after the emergency landing in western japan because of battery problems. this is one of is several issues the 787s have had so the airlines decide to voluntarily ground the planes. the dreamliner just started flying out of san jose on friday. jason planned his trip through san jose just to experience a long haul trip on the new 787. >> the only short flight for 50 minutes. yesterday i read the news and i was surprised and i always love boeing and it is just kind of
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scary. i don't mind taking other aircraft. >> amy holyfield, abc 7 news. san jose police tonight want you to take a look at a sketch of a man wanted for trying to snatch a three-year-old girl right out of her mother's arms. here it is take a good look. the man tried to play tug of war with the daughter as she was in with her mother in front of their home last night. police describe the man they are looking for as a hispanic man 20 to 30 years of age, 5'6" with a thin build. the mother says he was wearing a red baseball hat, blue you jeans and a white maybe light colored shirt with yellow stripes and says he smelled like motor oil. late today, oakland police released this sketch of a man they say tried to kidnap a woman walking on east 12th street near the bart station back in december. glad to tell you she got away. oakland police ask you you to call if you recognize this man. tonight the wife of a man who died after being shot in
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san jose last week has come forward with police at her side to ask for the public's help in solving her husband's murder. more from news reporter karina rusk. >> reporter: the wife of san jose's first homicide victim of the year broke down in tears describing her pain and the emptiness her young daughter feels. her husband, 34-year-old ivan grew up in san jose and was a barber. on january 5 he was shot at least one near his home on tripoli avenue. his body was found the next morning. police say there is no evidence of gangs or any illegal activity and they need the public's help. but you more than that, the family is pleading for information that will solve this crime. >> it is very hard for me because i have a daughter five years old and she is asking for him and i don't know how to answer for her. >> any one with any information about the case is urged to call
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the san jose police department. people can even remain anonymous by contacting silicon valley crime stoppers. we have all of the numbers and information for you on our website, in san jose, karina rusk, abc 7 news. tonight the fbi is refusing to say why it raided a real this afternoon.fice agents removed boxes and computers from the offense of pinnacle realtors on api anway. the offenspinnacle website saie company specializes in fha financing for first-time buyers as well as other services. well, now to the hostage crisis overseas. american workers kidnapped by an extremist group. there are claims of responsibility by an al-qaeda group run by this man. he was kicked out of al-qaeda last year because it was thought he was more interested
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in making money as a criminal than pursuing the al-qaeda agenda. the kidnapping happened in algeria. abc 7 news reporter martha raddatz is traveling with the defense secretary le leon panea in italy tonight. >> reporter: secretary panetta says the u.s. will take all necessary steps to deal with the crisis. >> by all indications this is a terrorist act and the united states strongly condemns these kinds of terrorist acts. it is a very serious matter when americans are taken hostage along with others. >> reporter: it all began when 20 armed islamic militants believed to be affiliated with al-qaeda approached a group of oil workers. the attackers were reportedly heavily armed, driving in three he unmarked vehicles. the oil workers were on a bus headed to a nearby airport. there was a fight security forces for the workers battled back.
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when the smoke cleared, at least one foreign worker was dead, others wounded. the terrorists then headed to the compound where the gas refinery workers live. while it is unclear how many foreign workers they seized, sources say it could be as many as 15-20. along with the americans, there are british, norwegian, french and japanese workers, too. the attackers claim this is retaliation for the invasion in mali. the french are trying to stop an al-qaeda linked group from teaing over that country. algerian troops have now surrounded the gasfield where the hostages are being held but they are moving cautiously. secretary panetta tonight compared the terrorists to 9/11 attackers who have little regard for innocent lives. >> that is martha raddatz reporting. now, to a stunning story from college football.
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notre dame star ma manti te'o d about his girlfriend who died but it turns out 1450e never existed and he was duped by someone online. the athletic director spoke this evening about it. >> the pane was real and grief was real and the affection was real and that is the nature of this sad cruel game. >> abc 7 news reporter dan harris explain how the incredible hoax actually unfolded. >> it was one of the most dramatic and emotional stories in recent sports history. manti te'o the star linebacker for motor dame enduring the death of both his grandmother and then his girlfriend within just six hours. >> you take the love of my life. last thing she said was i love you. >> he went ton lead his team to a series of epiabout pick victories. he was a finalist for the heisman trophy. all along he spoke freely about
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the twin tragedies. >> my brother called me and he was just trying and crying and crying and that is when i kind of knew but i was still in denial. >> tonight word that the girlfriend never existed at all. the story first reported on the sports news website deadspin says she was a hoax and that the picture are we all saw was of another woman who is very much alive and says she doesn't know teo at all. coach is were informed by health expert and his parents that the star are had been a victim of what appears to be a hoax. someone using the fictitious name engreatiated herself with mantei. the question, was this a case of catfishing a term based on a documentier with a woman prehe tending to be somebody else. >> dan harris reporting. so strange.
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teo said he developed what he thought was an authentic onl relationship. they communicated online and over the phone. he calls the whole thing "incredibly embarrassing." a busy night tonight. coming up, the governor's push for more online college courses. uc says it could be a new avenue for students to transfer in. also spencer? >> th a southern california woman into a five year cycle of debt. i'm michael finney. the story just ahead on 7 on your side. i'm spencer christian. another night to shiver but the weekend ahead will give us sunshine to bask in. i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up. thank you, sensor. also ahead, thejwwñ
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rise and shine. simply orange oj is just $2.88. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. san rafael. south bay, pleasanton and all of of the bay area this is abc 7 news. the governor is on a new mission tonight. he is is pushing for more are online courses throughout california's college system. abc 7 education reporter lyanne melendez explains why it is all linked to money. >> california no longer has the means to support the uc system
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the way it has for decades. the governor said it is time to embrace other ways of saving and making money. enter online courses. >> so there is not a luxury of sitting in the present trajectory unless you don't mind paying ever increasing tuition. the uc system already offers more than 200 online courses to undergraduate and graduate students and recently attempted to reach out to nonuc students charging between $1,400 and 2,400th class but it has had little suck is 70s. >> there have been marked failures along the way. failures at columbia and illinois and other institutions. >> but udoff promised within the next two months the uc system will present a new program to develop more online courses. this could bring in a new source of money. >> because i think it is the new revenue possibilities that
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then give us the possibility of cross subsidizing our traditional bricks and mortar campus delivery of uc quality. >> reporter: today the regents heard from experts in the field of online education. the governor also heard from the student regent who said not every student wants an online education. >> we have thrown out sports, clubs, volunteerism, student leadership. i learn more outside of the classroom than i do inside the classroom. >> udoff said with more stew students applying every year it would give students who can't get in the same quality education. >> we admit them from community colleges and they don't participate in sports because they are at a community college. >> it will be cheaper in the long run. we are not there. >> the the idea is to begin pairing faculty with
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instructional designers who know how to transform content it for online use. the governor says it is time to reshape the landscape of higher education. in the newsroom, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. a dramatic rescue in the east bay today. a driver who lost control of his truck on fish ranch road near the tunnel in orrinda. the truck appeared to lose its brakes and hit a slope and flipped on its side dumping its load of a cut down tree. sky 7 was also there as crews tried to right the truck. the driver did not appear to is suffer any serious injuries. a funning faucet caused more damage to the oakland unified district headquarters than first thought. it flood the building last week, causing structural damage. workers will be displaced at least through the spring because of the damage. the mavericks surfing competition is on for the first time in two years. as abc 7 news reporter vic lee explains, world class surfers are right now heading to the bay area to ride the waves
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sunday off the coast of half moon bay. >> reporter: surf's up. maverick is set to go. exciting. dangerous. unpredictable. the world's best surfers take on the raw you power of the sea. organizers have been tracking the oncoming storm for days now. jeff clark the man behind the competition owns the maverick surf shop and he says the weather models look great. >> the waves anywhere from 30 feet plus so but it is a strong swell because it has come from a long distance away. it has a very powerful. >> the first waves hit saturday, getting bigger on sunday, the day of the maverick's invitational. photographer doug acton has been shooting the annual surfing event for 8 years. >> it is not the going to be giant. it will be solid. it will give the athletes a chance to show what they have have got. 24 of the world's best surfers will be going against
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strong currents, frigid waters and jagged rocks to ride the big waves. it will be a big boon to businesses around here. one of the beneficiaries cafe catch jo ann. >> the harbor bar a local drinking establishment suffered along with other businesses last year when maverick's was canceled because the waves didn't meet the competition minimum standards. the festival was held anyway but it wasn't the same. >> they did hold like an opening ceremony kind of thing and they did a couple of -- it wasn't really as big of an ordeal as we are used to or at least we have been in previous years. >> the maverick's festival will be held at the ocanaa hotel. for $10 you can by a ticket and see the action on big screen tvs. you cannot go to the beach because it is too dangerous. several years ago a huge wave swept over the beach and seriously injured several
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people. vic lee, abc 7 news. all right. how exciting. looks like maverick's a on for the first time in a couple of years. spencer christian is here with the forecast. the good news for spectators down there and surfers is it will be sunny and not too cold. >> it will get milder as we approach the weekend. sunny and probably over 60 degrees. >> really? >> absolutely. watch out for the tides. the waves. here is a live view from the high definition east bay hills camera. looking westward towards san francisco and it is a clear night. and it is already a cold night in some places. but every night this week has been cold so what is new? here is a look at live doppler 7hd. clear skies and absence of clouds and absence of precipitation and temperatures once again troping. current temperature readings 34 degrees at fairfield. 37 napa. 36 at novato. clear and chilly again tonight.
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spare the air tomorrow. we had one today. the second consecutive spare the air day tomorrow. milder weather right on through sunday. the beach hazard i referred to earlier, the advisory in effect from friday afternoon to saturday morning. 8 to 10-foot waves. occasional 20 feet. sneaker waves possible and the alert or advisory in effect for west facing beaches including the north bay coast, peninsula coast and monterey bay. bare that in mind if you plan to be along the coastline. overnight tonight, are low temperatures drop to 30 degrees at santa rosa, vallejo and concord. 31 livermore and napa and 28 frigid degrees at fairfield and mid to upper 30s in many locations around the bay. still, though, a spare the air tomorrow. poor air quality expected in the inland east bay, the north bay and the coast and central bay. moderate air quality at best in the south bay and the santa clara valley. the satellite image.
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a large ridge of high pressure the dominant feature. way up to the north there. no weather disturbances headed our way. more are sunny days headed our way and a warming trend through the weekend. tomorrow a bit milder than today. in the south bay high temperatures in the throw mid 60s. 62 san jose and cupertino. 63 los gatos. 61 palo alto. 62 los gatos. on the peninsula -- los altos that is. on the coastline of the peninsula, 58 at pacifica and 61 down at half moon bay. downtown san francisco a high of 58 tomorrow. also 58 in the sunset district. north bay highs generally low 60s. 61 sonoma and calistoga. 62 santa rosa. near east bay 62. oakland 61 at union city and fremont. the inland east bay highs in the upper 50s and down near monterey bay mid to upper 60s. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. just gets milder and milder. friday, saturday and sunday,
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we'll see highs ranging from 62 to 64 degrees. just a couple degrees cooler on monday and there will be further cooling and tuesday and wednesday and a few more clouds come into the picture but we do not expect any rainfall in the next 7 days. dry and quite mild for the weekend. >> a nice string of days. >> looks lovely. >> i may go suffering. >> i'll watch. >> the worst apps for taking your personal information without letting you know about them. stay with us. that story and more is ahead that story and more is ahead hereeíáf- well, well, well.
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a major growth spurt for bay area home prices. the median sales was at almost $443,000, up 32% from the year before.
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that is the highest figure in four and a half years and the biggest increase in at least 25 years. goldman sax had a good year, too. the wall street giant reported earnings nearly triple that of last year. the employees will get bonuses averaging nearly $400,000 each. analysts say microsoft sold 1 million of its surface tablets in the holiday quarter last year. half of what the company was previously thought to have sold. researchers at carnegie mellon university have come up with a list of cell phone apps that the worst are taking personal information without letting you know they have done so. one app that may surprise you angry birds. researchers analyzed the 100 most popular. here is the other nine. no particular o order. brightest flash light. toss it game. mousetrap game. who are row scope, shazam
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music, pandora internet radio. backgrounds hd wall papers and talking tom virtual pet. the apps collect either your location, information about your device and or your contact lists and don't let you know. this is cool. now, to a television so big it does not fit into the biggest of living rooms. the screen is nearly 17 feet. take a look at this thing. the screen is open by remote control. it looks like something out of a bond film, doesn't it? made up of folded panels to be hidden away. the tv costs more than $660,000. the screens designed by porsche the carmaker and is made up of 725,000 leds and it has biometric fingerprint sensors built in so that people cannot use the television without the owner's permission. maybe he will let us come over and watch the super bowl. a specialized tsa security
9:29 pm
team boards the trains in emeryville. we will explain why in a story you will see only on abc 7 news. 7 on your side's michael finney on a call for a federal x
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good evening, once again. we are used to seeing tsa screens at our nation's i-s but today a specialized unit made an unannounced top at a train station in emeryville. laura anthony with a story that you will see only on abc 7
9:33 pm
news. >> reporter: they are part of a specialized unit of the federal transportation security administration known as the viper team. vipertands for visible intermodal prevention and response. we have blurred their faces because some of the tsa inspectors also work undercover. >> this morning we are at the amtrak station in emeryville as a visible deferent. if anybody thinks about maybe wanting to do something to the amtrak so it derails we are out here and it is unpredictable and people don't know when we will be around. >> they make a quick sweep of the train. while the unit will look for obvious signs of trouble the effort is really more about being seen at least once in awhile by those who travel on amtrak. >> i think they he should know that we are out there looking at rail safety, looking at the tracks, looking at the trains and we are trying to make sherrod martin sure that everyone remains -- make sure that everyone remains vigilant.
9:34 pm
>> reporter: they will also randomly screen luggage and bring in k-9 units to do their part to keep everything as safe as possible in an environment that is wide open. >> well, my first thought was i was concerned something happened but it is probably not bad to have some security. >> just provides some security for the public to know that they are alert and so are are we. >> while the primary mission of the tsa is to safeguard the nation's transportation lines vipr teams are used at high profile events. >> we have teams down for the inauguration and when the 49ers make the super bowl we will have vipa teams in new orleans. >> reporter: it doesn't have to be the super bowl to attract the team. they were here for the world series and we are told they occasionally pop in over in oakland for a raider game to help with security there. in emeryville, laura anthony, abc 7 news. president obama is
9:35 pm
restructuring congress to require background checks for all gun sales and approve a ban on military tile assault weapons. the president signed 23 executive orders today aimed at reducing gun violence. they do not require congressional approval. the president said they will expand school safety programs and increase access to mental health services. the proposals were compiled by a task force formed after the connecticut school tragedy. >> americans of every background stand up and say enough. we suffered too much pain and care too much about our children to allow this to continue. then change will come. that is what it's going take. >> the president's allies are already dampening expectations on key components of the new gun rules especially the ban on assault weapons. so we'll see. an environmental group serving notice in san francisco tonight that it plans to sue the government the for protection of the sierra nevada
9:36 pm
red fox. there are only two known populations of this rare fox in california. a group of 20 near lasson peak and a family of 8 near sierra pass. it lives in remote high mountains and used to thrive throughout california and oregon. it has been listed as an in endangered species for 30 years. thy accuse of wildlife service of failing to provide a recovery program for the fox. a coalition of consumer groups is asking the federal government to take a hard look at the lending practices of san francisco-based wells fargo bank. they are especially about a program they claim is like a pay day loan product. one woman who compares her experience to a debt trap. here is 7 on your side's michael finney. >> reporter: annette smith of
9:37 pm
rockland and the sacramento air aria needed to pay for maul repairs and registration on her truck. she didn't have the money so went to h her bank wells fargo. they wouldn't give her a traditional loan but suggested she might want to utilize a wells program called direct deposit advance. >> i didn't have to have collateral or a credit check and i felt that that was a good service, you know. >> reporter: are wells fargo let per borrow up to $500. the catch? high had to tie the loan to her monthly direct deposit from social security. as soon as the next check was deposited they he would automatically debit the full loan amount plus a fee of 37-point the $50. >> my only alternative was to borrow again. >> i don't know how much money annette makes every month but her social security check is her only source of income so that is around a thousand dollars. the loan amount, $500. the fee about $37.50.
9:38 pm
that leaves her just $462.50 for food, rent and utilities for the rest of the month. >> andre leuketta is with the california reinvestment coalition. >> you are suddenly in a position where you can't make your other expenses and you take out another loan and that cycle goes on and on and on. >> this cycle repeated itself the following month and the month after and the month after and the month after. in fact, it has been going on for five years. >> wells fargo declined an oncamera interview but in an e-mail told us during financial emergencies wells fargo direct deposit advance service provides short-term credit to customers whose accounts are in good standing. it is an expensive source of credit not intended to serve longer term financial needs. the california reinvestment coalition is calling on the feds to impose stricter regulations on the program. they want the a.p.r. disclosed up front and the loan amounts limited to 300 today's.
9:39 pm
the same restrictions imposed on traditional pay day lenders. >> the most dangerous thing is that because they are a bank people think it is a safe product. >> annette knew what she was paying in fees, that $37.50. but she never thought about what that meant in terms of interest rate. she says she didn't know that her annual percentage rate, apr on a 30 day loan would be 91%. annette says wells never disclosed the apr too h her. we looked on the site and could not find the annual percentage rate either. >> i was flabber ghasted. i was stunned. >> she only recently found out about the interest rate charged when reading something she saw from the california reinvestment coalition. >> and you know, i had to tell my children and friends. >> reporter: she felt embarrassed and didn't want the same thing to happen to her loved ones.
9:40 pm
annette is working hard to not have to borrow but so far hasn't been able to break the cycle. the federal offense of comp troller are and currency is currently examining wells fargo practices under the community rein act. we will follow this and let you know what happens. i'm michael finney. 7 on your side. it happened almost everywhere else. san francisco mae be getting a new area code. new area code. coming up next, callers
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9:44 pm
the helicopter pilot is described as one of the most experienced pilots in england. witnesses say he appeared to be struggling to keep the aircraft on course as he tried to make an emergency landing in fog. the pilot of the helicopter and a pa decembe pedestrian were k. right now the 415 area code, a new area code must be added. now, ha is done and where is still up for debate. a lot of debate. caroline tyler has the story. >> identity. you tell people where you are from, 415 and everyone knows you are from san francisco. i love that. >> back in the old days 415 was one of only three area codes in the entire state. the demand for numbers has gone way up. the public utilities commission
9:45 pm
says 415 will be exhausted by 2015 so the agent icy is now undergoing what it calls relief planning preparing to introduce a new area code, 628. >> well, it's horrible. give it to marin. take the 415 back from them and give them 628. >> her store 415 clothing incorporated celebrates the area code from sweatshirts to jewelry. there is even a tatoo parlor where we caught up with a customer who told us 415 is cool. >> and i also heard that 415 is going to be obsolete so the tatoos tomorrow is going to cost a lot more. >> it the cpuc is examining how to implement the change. one plan would split san francisco into a two regions with a portion of the city keeping 415 anddd the othr changing to 628. the other proposal calls for an overlay basically giving the new area code to new customers. >> i think san francisco should all be the same area code if
9:46 pm
you really want to know the truth. i think we all live here there you are new or a native like i am. >> the state utilities commission said it put off a change for ten years and now has no choice. kate yaro, a consumer psychologist with golden gate university says 415 is an area code with kailey shay and she >> san francisco has a particular set of values and people from here tend to like other people to know they are are from here. >> reporter: they had two meetings in san francisco today and there will be two more in san a rafael tomorrow. you can also write in your comments to the cpuc. we have the details on our website. the debate will go on. coming up, the view from atlanta. at 9:00 here, proof that not everyone thinks the niners are going to win on sunday. who could think that? stay with us. you can't move the tv there.
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we are not nearly as cold as a we have been which is a nice break. spencer christian is here to update the forecast. >> milder but first i will show you why today was a spare the air with poor air quality. look at the time lapse view fro the heidi phoenix east bay you can see the particularate. tomorrow will be snow spare the air as air quality remains rather poor. live doppler 7hd nothing on the radar screen. no clouds, precipitation. let's talk about rain. december was a rainy month here in san francisco as well as around the entire are bay area. notice ho how many days in december we had rainfall.
9:51 pm
above average rain. are january so far a dry month. we had 32/100 inch in san francisco on january 6. just 1 hush 100 on the 9th. that is about it and we have dry days ahead. tomorrow one of them. high temperatures mainly in the 60s around the bay area tomorrow and here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. a string of lovely days coming our way and mild ones but a noticeable absence of rain. none is complaining about that but after the rainy month we had in december sort of interesting how dry january has become. >> it really is. but we did get a lot of rain. >> way above average. >> thanks very much. >> the 49ers are favorites we are glad to say in sunday about's big nfc championship game against the atlanta falcons and even though outsiders aren't giving the fallle cons much respect their fans are rallying. rachel stockman on how falcons gear is selling fast and selling out in atlanta. >> for these fans it was get in early or lose out. and falcons gear is not staying
9:52 pm
in stock for long. >> matt ryan a favorite and tony a favorite. anything people can get their hands on right now. >> i'm he getting this one and my hus is getting this one. >> you don't see it on the shelves but behind the scenes t-shirt printers getting ready with the nfc championship gear, hoping for the best case san air are yes. >> they are in an did undisclosed location. i think the nation is ready for us to win. >> reporter: the minute the game ends on sunday a full new set of apparel will be he ready. until then, falcons hats, jerseys and big sales for local retailers. although there are a few exceptions. >> they tried to sell me falcon's gear but it burns when i touch it. i have to stick with the niners. tick with my roots. >> sports director larry beil is here. you were out at the warriors game tonight. >> lebron james in town. by the way you will be able to get a lot of discount the falcons gear after the game on sunday. going at a reasonable price.
9:53 pm
the warriors welcome lebron james and the heat to town and lebron is making h
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coming up tonight. unintended consequences. the sudden surge in bay area gun and am nation sales even in places you wouldn't expect. and the world's first moisturizing genes. what they do and how much they cost. those stories and more coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00. >> that is what the world needs i said for years. you got my attention. >> my eyes are are glued. >> yeah. oh, brother. move forward. >> let's get -- can only get into trouble going backwards. the defending nba champions came to down. the warriors without curry who tweaked his ankle again in practice. they say it is not that serious. turned into a record-setting night from lebron james. curry in street clothes for the first time this season and the warriors really missed him.
9:57 pm
harrison barnes with a corner three and jack starting in place of curry was feeling if early on. the warriors would never lead again, though. dwyane wade coming out and he is kind of playing angry tonight. lebron in the passing lane coast-to-coast. misses but haslum with authority. second quarter. miami up ten. lebron towing with green. gets the pick, rises and hits the jumper. 17 points. lebron. with that basket becomes the youngest player to 20,000 career points. blowout alert. chris bosh jumper 50-38. then lebron from wade. james with 25 points and 7 rebounds and 10 assists. bosh there. it is 90-68. miami getting payback for the warriors' win in south beach back in december. and there is two minutes left.
9:58 pm
counting down to sunday's nfc championship game. the 49ers will visit atlanta. will the 49ers be able to get consistent pressure on atlanta quarterback ryan? he rarely gets sacked or turns the ball over. despite limited mobility because of his injured left elbow and tricep injury that he is playing with, smith still a force. five tackles and formed kind of a bond with h his big brace. >> a a love hate relationship right now. but, you you know, it is one of those things and it is doing its job and it felt pretty strong and like i said, playing with it once, doing anything the second time is better the second time. >> you have to account for him. put two guys on him because if you don't that is the chance he has of winning and even when you put two guys on him he still can have a chance to win. any time you have a guy of that magnitude it is great to have him out there.
9:59 pm
the eagles hired chip kelly as the new head coach. he is spectacular at the university of oregon for years. the. so many nfl teams are now using offense. kelly turned the eagles down initially and announced he was going back to oregon and reconsidered and he will take over in philly. the chicago bears hired mark tressman as their new head coach. he leads the canadian league team. he won two titles in canada. he is beloved there. i have known mark for years. as good as he is as a coach he is even better as a person. a great story. this one is just strange. regarding notre dame linebacker manti te'o. the girlfriend he thought died of leukemia she he never existed. e started what he called an emotional relation some. turns out the whole thing was a


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